Due to COVID-19, at church Sunday services and meetings have moved online until further notice.


Members of Team Ignite extend the love of Christ to everyone who walks through the doors of Hebron by relentlessly embracing people. We strive to provide an atmosphere of welcoming and encouraging through our hospitality ministry as well.
The Finance Team supports other ministries by providing accurate and timely financial information and administrative services. We desire to be faithful stewards of the financial resources God has given to Hebron EM in order to bring change to our community inside and outside. The finance team leads and oversees income (offerings and other designated contributions), expenses (spending and reimbursements), and other general financial administration according to guidelines approved in the Annual Budget and the Standard Operating Procedure.
We're a small, but growing team! We use both digital and tangible means to manifest the heart and vision of our church in ways our members can see and experience. Our desire is to create "spaces" for connection and community, where stories of God's unfolding redemptive work can be shared. 
Our mission (no pun intended), is to follow Jesus's message, to be witnesses and proclaim Jesus is Lord. We want to seek, support, and own our missional callings by faithfully using whatever gifts we have received to serve others so that in all things, God may be praised (1 Peter 4:10-11), starting from our closest circles of influence to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8)."

A big part of the missions ministry is focused on sending teams to Bolivia to support Missionary Glenn Adams and his ministry. Read more about his ministry here!
We desire to be a ministry that serves the Church in humility and love – focusing all worship towards God, leading in joyful declaration of His love and faithfulness through Jesus Christ, and extending His healing, edification, and transformation through the Holy Spirit.
The vision for this ministry is to connect and support the married couples within our Church, establishing relationships with Christ at the center. We have quarterly gatherings and an annual marriage retreat where Pastor Yun and Pastor John lead us in teachings on how to have healthy, biblical marriages.
Our goal is to create a space where Hebron women can get to know each other and deepen new and existing friendships through meaningful conversations outside the walls of our church. We meet on a quarterly basis to discuss various topics such as our roles in friendships, relationships, family, workplace, and the church. 
A space where our college students can call home! This space isn’t just a physical space, but a relational and faith embodying space. Our desire is to have our college students experience God’s unconditional, sacrificial, and transformative love in order to find their identity in Christ through what Scripture reveals about Him, all for the purpose of His glorification.

We're a ministry of embracing regardless of faith journey, encouraging and being reminded of our true identities as beloved sons & daughters of Christ, and empowering to be bold in His power on our campuses and future vocations.
Helping to mentor and nurture the youth, leading them to know Jesus! We partner with the parents of our church as a covenantal family, striving to be a loving, vulnerable, and accepting family through the love and grace of Jesus Christ.