Due to COVID-19, at church Sunday services and meetings have moved online until further notice.

hangout with us!

**for j-gen: join the j-gen zoom and livestream
mon-thurs @ 9 pm
j-gen @ 6:30 pm

hangout with us!

mon-thurs @ 9 pm
j-gen @ 6:30 pm

upcoming events

6/5 - J-Gen night #2
6/7 - Graduation party! Click here --> https://tinyurl.com/hyg0607
6/12 - J-Gen night #3
6/14 - Seniors move up to EM
6/19 - J-Gen night #4
6/28 - 5th graders move up to YG

sunday service guides

As we practice "social distancing", don't let that mean "spiritual distancing"! We'll be posting "Sunday Service Guides" that you can go through alone or with friends "virtually".

contact us!

Feel free to reach out with any question, concerns, or prayer requests during this time. We want to hear from you and are always available to chat or just listen :)