Due to COVID-19, at church Sunday services and meetings have moved online until further notice.

O U R   S T O R Y


Our mission is to be a home of embracing, encouraging, and empowering.
Our vision is to be agents of grace, bringing change to our circles of influence.


Hebron English Ministry has been a ministry dedicated to building the body of Christ in Chicagoland for over 30 years.

Hebron Church started as a faith community for Korean immigrants. As the church grew and the congregation started to adjust to their new home in Chicago, an English-speaking ministry was formed to address the changing needs of 2nd generation Korean-Americans. Through the years, a number of English speaking churches were planted out of Hebron.

Today, Hebron English Ministry is a mix of students, young professionals, and families that are curious about a God who embraces, encourages, and empowers us. We're big on grace here, and we'd be privileged to have you join us as we discover it together.


In November 2016, Hebron English Ministry launched a new vision and embraced a new identity. We believe that at our core, God created us to live and thrive in community. We wanted to be a home where anybody could belong. In this home, we believe that God is training us to become his agents of grace, calling prodigals back home and changing our circles of influence through the wonderful, beautiful grace of Jesus Christ.


We'll be honest. We don't know! We're sure that God is going to do something through us, for us, and in us, but we're much more interested in the journey than we are the destination.