Due to COVID-19, at church Sunday services and meetings have moved online until further notice.

covid-19 update

August 8, 2020

Dear Hebron EM,

During the month of June, your EM Council made slow and prayerful plans to implement a gradual reopening process.  We were hopeful that we could have smaller gathering options and Sunday worship gatherings at limited capacity.  We even moved away from our pastors' bedrooms to recordings at the church gym to encourage everyone that we were slowly moving back to “normal”.  While we never actually gathered for public worship, we have decided to postpone any/all gatherings of any size indefinitely - including the small team of volunteers that helped record the Sunday worship services.  As you already know COVID cases are continuing at an upward trajectory in Chicagoland and elsewhere.  Thus, we are deliberately slowing down to strengthen any health and safety protocols so that we can responsibly be and do church in a way that loves our neighbors.

We recognize that this news will be disappointing for some, and we share the mixed bag of emotions at not being able to gather.  As you process this news, please remember that we are a church that is built in and through Spirit-filled community.  Not physically gathering and doing life together has had its effects globally, including increasing addictive behaviors, loneliness, and mental health needs.  Despite knowing this, our church has decided to follow the advice and guidelines of medical experts to keep our pastors, volunteers, members, attendees, and community safe.  

While we will suspend in-person events or ministries for the time-being, this shouldn’t and doesn’t mean that ministry stops.  The gospel message isn’t wrestled into submission by COVID or any other darkness.  Our church vision of being agents of God’s grace can still be lived out, so find ways to participate in what God is already doing in the world. Begin by embracing, encouraging, and empowering every circle of influence you belong to.  

We will continue to utilize Zoom to livestream our 11am service while recordings of the sermon will be available on our app/website.

LifeGroups will be completely revamped this year and will be reimagined in online communities called Connect Groups.  

As we’ve all discovered during this pandemic, plans and details will change. We apologize in advance if we have to postpone, cancel, or reimagine future plans.  We ask for your grace, but we especially ask that you would plead to God on behalf of your church leadership, your other circles of influence, and the world.  Corporate worship and fellowship are near and dear to our hearts, so we are eager to meet again when it is safe and responsible to do so. But in the meantime, we'll be finding ways to do it while slowing the spread of coronavirus in our community.  

For the latest information on COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website.