Due to COVID-19, at church Sunday services and meetings have moved online until further notice.

Interested in joining a Connect Group?

What are Connect Groups?

Connect Groups serve as the first step in getting newcomers and seasoned member connected to a community at Hebron EM. 

What do Connect Groups do?

Everyone connects differently – be it playing sports or watching a game, good conversation over a meal, or reading scripture, whatever way they enjoy best. Regardless of how you connect with others, Connect Groups are intended to be intentional gatherings to deepen/build relationships with others in the Hebron Community.

Who can join?

Connect Groups are open to all that desire to be connected to a Hebron EM community!


1. Are groups based on life stage, gender, demographics, etc.?
The vision of Connect Groups are that they are open for all.  Groups are not based on life stage, gender, demographics, etc. because it would inherently leave out folks who may not fall into these categories from joining a Connect Group even if they want to – this is just where Hebron is at the moment. There isn’t a solid balance to create groups based on life stage, gender, or demographics, just yet.  We do have target groups such as women's and marriage ministry if you are looking for connection with peers,  just reach out to our connection team!
2. Can people switch groups if they want?
Absolutely! As people’s desires and heart motives change, the Connect Group they are part of may also need to change, as well. In a perfect world, say a newcomer joins a Connect Group to just meet people at Hebron. Potentially, once they’ve build those relationships and they begin to have conversations about faith and the gospel, maybe they want to be more intentional in their faith journey and join a group where their dynamic is more bible study based – THAT’S OKAY!  If wish to change Connect Groups, please speak with your group leader.
3. If a group wants bible study material, what will be provided?
We will be utilizing rightnowmedia.com for any supplemental bible study material. The group and members can decide together on the content they would like to go through together.  Leaders and members can set up an account upon request.